"For Love" Live & Acoustic | Luke Garfield

“For Love” Live & Acoustic

“For Love” was originally in the line up to be included on the Vanity, Agony, Thirst EP. Instead I ended up including it in the Sit, Walk, Stand sessions where it took on a cool alt country rock sound. Aaron and Seb did a great job in bringing the extra dimensions to the song and it’s one of my favourite tracks off the SWS Sessions.

For Love

You’re waiting on the left side
you can’t wait to get to the right.
You’re waiting on the dark side
you can’t wait to touch the light.
When all you have to do is live out the night.

For love, for love, you just need to wait for love.

Bleeding out you’re such a mess
riddled with too many holes.
“Feel the love, feel the love” I must confess
feels like it’s getting over sold.
When all you have to do is.

A black out is a blind house.
Don’t sell out for a night out.
This love, this love is war!

Lyrics & Music: Luke Garfield

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