Lines & Powerlines | Luke Garfield
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July 08, 2020


Lines & Powerlines

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  • Lines & Powerlines

More About The Song

This is an acoustic version of the Board of Transportation track "Lines & Powerlines" from the 2011 release "Seven Bridges Of Koenigsberg".

The Original Song

A delicate and sometimes dirgey track builds to a hopeful acoustic anthem by its end.

Luke wanted to cover this song acoustically for a long while and he finally got in the studio and brought this track together nearly 4 years ago. It rolled around finished in the back of a draw with other unfinished productions. Time passed. Life happened. And then in the space of a few months he lost both his step father and biological father.

Those experiences and others in the last year taught him that songs shouldn't sit in draws finished for many years but need to be released.

He chose to release this track on the one year anniversary of his step father's passing as a tribute to both of his dads.

It is a song of hope and new beginning and it only seemed fitting.


Verse 1.

Trace the scar lines with your fingers Press down on the broken skin the blood wells up under your nails These broken bones and scattered starlight growing These broken bones and shattered starlight growing


It’s so good to feel It’s so good to feel to hold and enfold

Verse 2.

Lines and powerlines, oh just let us feel So much brick so much grey, A caged bird longs fly away Your broken voice takes my static away Your broken voice takes my static away


Because your hope finds me in unfamiliar places

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