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April 29, 2022



  • Hallowed

Hallowed started musically as an improvisation during communal worship at my local church about 8 years ago.

We were singing a well loved congregational song which has a simple but expressive chord progression. The song lends itself to free worship (improvised singing and expression) and I started to sing what became the chorus of Hallowed. I loved the melody and pacing of the phrases so I tucked it away in my memory thinking I’d like to write a song around it in the future.

The lyric theme of the song started to take shape whilst driving down the Gold Coast motorway one afternoon. I was inspired by Michael Heiser’s book The Unseen Realm and in particular the idea that God sent Jesus to unite his estranged earthly family to Himself. When Jesus talks about the kingdom coming to earth it’s actually a call to return to our original home and position in creation as God our Father intended.

One other unique aspect of this release is the synesthetic artwork for Hallowed. It was painted by friend and fellow artist Fear of Flight (Aaron Shipway) who has an amazing gift of seeing the music he hears. Garfield is filming a mini-documentary to explore synesthesia and the music of The Unseen album to be released later in 2022.

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