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March 25, 2022



'Behold' is the first single from the album The Unseen, a collection of faith-centred songs influenced by Dr Michael Heiser's book 'The Unseen Realm'.

This song draws directly from chapter 21, which presents the beautiful hope of man being with God in the new heaven and earth. This has always been a deeply moving chapter for me.

I remember feeling choked up as I read these beautiful words to a group of people. Someone came up afterwards to ask if I had stuff going on in my personal life and I laughed and said, "No mate, those words are just so beautiful and encouraging".

Behold is about the only true ‘happily-ever-after’ at the end of the story and I’m excited to be releasing it as the first song from this album.

I'm also super excited to have Tracey Sahayam singing on this song with me. Tracey has leant her sublime vocal harmonies to the songs on The Unseen but in this song and one other she takes a verse and absolutely transforms the song into something more than I ever thought it could be.

Recording vocals at Big Ears Audio, Melbourne

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