"Give Take" Live & Acoustic From The Sit, Walk, Stand Sessions | Luke Garfield

“Give Take” Live & Acoustic From The Sit, Walk, Stand Sessions

“Give Take” is a song that’s been hanging around since circa 2003 but until now hasn’t ever found a home on a formal release. It’s now found it place as the opening track on the 2016 release the “Sit, Walk, Stand Sessions” which is a collections of 9 songs recorded live and acoustic (à la MTV unplugged).

Raw and stripped back to two guitars – myself and Aaron Shipway of Fear of Flight – and my son Sebastian Garfield on cajon this track feels right at home in this format.

The song deals with a dysfunction, in particular the give and take of relationships (of the non-committed persuasion) where each party seeks to find something fulfilling in that brief moment that is as elusive to them as the length of their encounter. I think the lyric “One night, one love tries in vain to fill the need, one night, the other has an urge to feed” sums it up pretty well.

Give Take

One to give the other to take
both to steal something off the other an unintentional break.
One to lie, one to cheat, one in honesty, one in deceit.
The one and the both to cry.

Two taking, love got lost.
Two taking, love got tossed.
Trampled love deceived standing in the shadows and waiting for light,
a fleeting fantasy for a night.

‘Cause it makes me weep, I mourn love for you.
I didn’t know you could get something by stealing.
A give take, a give give take and I mourn love for you.
I mourn love, I mourn love.

The lips of the character assassin kiss the lips of the victim.
Years pass, deepen the wound, deepen in the system.
One night one love tries in vain to fill the need.
One night, the other has, the other has an urge to feed.

Hurting bleeding, trying to fill the hole.
Hurting bleeding, anaesthetise this feeling for me baby.
And what you’ve gotta understand, to love you’ve gotta give not take.

Words & Lyrics: Luke Garfield

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